Visit in Spain : program

Leganés, January 30 to February 3, 2013

Wednesday 30 January:

- Arrival of students and teachers:

- Poland: 11:45

- Belgium: 14:30

- France: 15:20

- Finland: 17:30

- Italy: 19:15

- Greece: ?

- Teachers (2) and students (6) Polish eat at school.

- Polish students go with Spanish pupils to class.

- Students will be with host families.

- Teachers dine freely in Leganes

Thursday 31 January:

- 9: 30, Teachers and children Comenius go to the gym. Game to recognize teachers.

- 10:00 Welcome Festival . Our students want to welcome our European partners. We have prepared some performances:

- Children (European dances and songs).

- 1st and 2nd grade (Spanish dance).

- 11:00 Recess (free play on the playground)

- 11:30 Teachers and children go to class assigned to prepare the necessary material to celebrate the Peace Day.

- 13:00 Lunch:

- Children at refectory. After lunch go outside to play.

- 1st meeting of teachers. Book of the games.

- 14:00 Adults eat.

- 15:00 All go to classrooms (Comenius students will pick up the work of the morning).

- 15:15 Celebration of Peace Day.

- We all got to the court.

- We stand in concentric circles as the music plays.

- In the center of the circle, two students per level, read what is peace for them.

- Comenius Pupils sing the song by countries that have prepared.

- All we sing the songs together for peace.

- 16:30 End of classes. Rest and free time. Walk Leganes, go for rest at hotel, ...

- 18:30 Welcome fathers. The Association of parents of students in the school welcomes European partners with the following acts:

. 18:30 Dancing young children.

. 18:45 Dance of the oldest children

. 19:30 Aperitivo (Spanish wine) welcome offered by the mothers of the students that hosting Comenius children at home.

At the end we go to the hotel and the houses of our friends.

Friday February 1:

- 9:30 Gynkana  game. (On the playground or in the gym, it dependents on weather)

- Students in 3rd and 4th grade play with students Comenius Spanish games we have prepared.

- Children are grouped to play together.

- Teachers help and control the development of the game.

- 11:00 Recess (free play).

- 11:30 Gynkana game.

- Students in grades 5 and 6 play the games offered by Comenius teachers.

- 13:00 Lunch pupils. (2nd meeting teachers)

- 14:00 Lunch adults.

- 15:00 Working meeting of the teachers involved in the project. Plan our trip to Finland and Poland. Foreign teachers who do not wish to attend the meeting may visit some classrooms.

- 16:30 End of classes. Students are with families.

- Afternoon free for teachers Comenius

- 20:30 European dinner. Those who want to sign up for dinner and have a drink after dinner a pub by Leganés. I say that , to book a restaurant.

Saturday February 2

Visit the center of Madrid and the Museo del Prado.

8:30 in the door from school to go to Madrid.

9:00 Arrival approximate to the Puerta del Sol

We divided into 4 groups (Greek teachers can join wherever they want).

1. Group of Italian students and teachers

2. Group of students and teachers of French and Belgian

3. Group of students and teachers Finns and Poles

4. Group of students and Spanish teachers

Take a tour stop in Madrid's Plaza Mayor for photos and buying souvenirs. (Pz Mayor opened around 9:30, as we have already opened photos)

10:30 continue the walk to the Plaza de Oriente, Palacio Real and Plaza of Spain.

12:00 Break for lunch in restaurants of the area. (each country pays for children and teachers)

13:30 We get together the bus to go to the Prado Museum

14:00 We visited the Prado Museum, every teacher explains to the students in their language and what they want to visit.

We have booked the entry into two groups: the first consisting of 25 + 15 people come at 14:00 and the second by 25 + 10 people come in at 14:30

Between 16:30 and 17:00 We return to the bus for a ride by bus along the Castellana to Plaza Castilla and from there to our school.

About 18:00 w’ll arrive at school door.

Free time to get ready, relax.

20:00 Farewell dinner at La Taberna de Quique. (cost: 20€ per person)

Sunday February 3

Comenius teachers and students go to countries of destination throughout the day.