Belgique : Thierry (Libramont) 
Espagne : Marcos (Valence)
Croatie : Janja (Sracinec)
Italie : Irene (San Giovanni La Punta)
France : France-Lise (Saint-François)
Countries and coordinators

We’ll go to Valence (Spain)

Notre nouveau projet Erasmus+ a été accepté ...
«Using ICTs to meet other young Europeans»Erasmus_2020_files/KA229-D8272D3E-FR%285%29%283%29.pdf
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Children from different countries present the life of a typical class of their school at the level of a weekly timetable, teaching, material to provision, extracurricular activities, holidays. This presentation in the form of a slide show with videos is followed by a sequence of questions and answers.

As part of learning English, it will be necessary that the question-answer sequence be done in two stages so that the students at the beginning learning English can prepare answers with teachers. This preparation can be done before the visit or during the stay!

The children will produce identity cards which will be present on eTwinning. These sheets will present "typical children" from school. It will also be possible to have records of real children. This card-based approach should enable children from other schools to understand the differences and similarities ... the idea would be not to use the same cards for all schools. The layout of the cards would already give interesting indications

on what may or may not appear important depending on the country. It would be possible, in a second step, to supplement the sheets by possible requests of the other participants.

Establishment or updating of diffusion

As soon as the project is accepted, we will assign the establishment of a dedicated website to a company in external communication with which we have already worked previously.

The organization of the site will be discussed upstream by the partners.

The eTwinning project already in place will be adapted to our Erasmus project K229 by inserting the updates specific to this project.




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